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Soft Seven

SOFT SEVEN COMPETITIONS FOR 2019-2020 have started. Any student who wants to compete should create an account on Please make only one account and have only one user name.  If you forget your username, please come to see me instead of creating another account.


I will be advertising opportunities to showcase your talent. Please check in to follow the SoftSeven competitions.



This is some of the history of SoftSeven in Marlow.  Check out these former elementary students. These were the early days when 3,000 points was a super score!


Sean Young     Lane Johnson     Liam Johnson     Chloe Brooks    Joshua Kowalik    Matthew Hughey

Jack Mitchell   Macoy Ramsey  Tamara McConnell  Jamyson Powers  Grace Banks  Gatlin Sanders

Alex Lehman  Josh Windsor  Karissa Buckallew  Jayden Absher  Krystalyn Chavez    Kasen Smith

Brian Foss     Denise McConnell     Maci Gann     Ty Linam     Lindley Newberry   Hunter Havron  

A. J. Brown      Braeden Whaley      Aaron Nooner   Carley Cash   LeeAnne Riddle   Billie Harrison   Sam

Ivory   Jaci Strickland   Alli Riddle   Ethan Stewart   Caleb Brown   Ty Scott   Korie Kizarr   Luke Tolle 

  Nathan Ketterlinus   Gracie Taylor   Tyler New   Braxton Ramsey   Payton Maddox   Karsynn Kelly   Derek

Shafer   Meagan Morriston   Skylar Jackson   Dylan Mackey   Blake Harris   Drew Munoz   Micah Jackson 

  Trey Hamstead   Cooper Brooks   Kyle Wilson   Riley New   Hannah Barber   Shelby Williamson   Trent

Brown   Dayton O'Neal   Jacobi Collinsworth   Stormye Cousins   Austin Medsker   Peyton Ladon   Jayce


12, 000 Club

                                                                Sean Young    Lane Johnson


13,000 Club

                                                                          Lane Johnson



SoftSeven Success 2011-2012

                                                                                                        3000 Club                                                                                                                 

Lane Johnson           Alec Norton        Brandon Maldonado       Mia Meshell      Jose Garza         Andrew Brown       Houston Davis      

Tyler Eaves      Sylvie Brand     Josh Windsor     Emily Harvill     Thomas Hughey     C. J. Ellsworth     Violeta Velasco

Ryan Ford      Lucas Martinez     Jack Mitchell     Joshua Kowalik     Liam Johnson     Sean Young     Chloe Brooks

Mia Meshell     Bryce King     Micah Elroy     Tristan Morrison     Jenna Keeler     Skyler Cash     Connor Whaley     Trey Nelson

Cameron McAdams     Sarah Brown     Krystalyn Chavez     Kasen Smith     Matthew Hughey

4,000 Club

Thomas Hughey     C. J. Ellsworth     Violeta Velasco     Emily Harvill     Houston Davis     Tyler Eaves     Andrew Brown    

Sylvie Brand     Ryan Ford     Brandon Maldonado     Lucas Martinez     Mia Meshell     Micah Elroy     Tristan Morrison

Jenna Keeler     Skyler Cash     Connor Whaley     Trey Nelson     Jack Mitchell     Sean Young      Liam Johnson    

Lane Johnson     Chloe Brooks     Joshua Kowalik

5,000 Club

Emily Harvill     Tyler Eaves     Thomas Hughey     Andrew Brown     Ryan Ford     Violeta Velasco     Lucas Martinez    

Tristan Morrison     Connor Whaley     Mia Meshell     Jack Mitchell     Lane Johnson     Liam Johnson     Chloe Brooks    

Sean Young     Joshua Kowalik

6.000 Club

Emily Harvill     Sean Young     Houston Davis     Thomas Hughey     Andrew Brown     Violeta Velasco     Lucas Martinez

Lane Johnson     Jack Mitchell    Chloe Brooks     Liam Johnson    Tristan Morrison     Joshua Kowalik

7,000 Club

Lucas Martinez     Thomas Hughey     Andrew Brown     Ryan Ford     Houston Davis     Tristan Morrison     Lane Johnson   

Joshua Kowalik     Jack Mitchell     Emily Harvill    

8,000 Club

Lucas Martinez     Thomas Hughey     Andrew Brown     Houston Davis     Liam Johnson     Jack Mitchell     Lane Johnson

Joshua Kowalik

9,000 Club

Andrew Brown     Thomas Hughey     Lucas Martinez     Jack Mitchell     Liam Johnson     Lane Johnson

10,000 Club

Lucas Martinez     Andrew Brown     Thomas Hughey    Jack Mitchell     Liam Johnson

11,000 Club

Lucas Martinez     Andrew Brown     Thomas Hughey     Jack Mitchell

12,000 Club

Lucas Martinez     Andrew Brown     Thomas Hughey     Jack Mitchell

13,000 Club

Lucas Martinez     Andrew Brown     Jack Mitchell

14,000 Club

Lucas Martinez       Andrew Brown

15,000 Club

Lucas Martinez

 16,000 Club

 Lucas Martinez




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