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General College Information

College Score Card

With more and more postsecondary options to consider, it can be tough to know where and how to best compare colleges.  The U.S. Department of Education has released its annual update of the redesigned College Scorecard – available at

This site will allow visitors to sort and filter their search results to easily compare schools and decide which college makes the most sense when considering the typical costs, average student loan amount, student’s ability to repay their loans and their future earnings.

Oklahoma’s Promise

Oklahoma’s promise allows students whose families earn $55,000 or less annually, and who meet adademic and conduct requirements, to earn a college tuition scholarship.

Students may begin to enroll in the 8th grade and can also enroll in the 9th or 10th grade.  To find out more information and to apply, visit this website:

FAFSA Information

Seniors need to start the process of filing for FAFSA monies for the next school year.  The address is You will need your parents income tax returns for the previous year to complete the form.  If you do not have this information at the present, you still may file and provide the appropriate information when it becomes available.  Oklahoma Tuition Grant applications through FAFSA are due by March 1st

Helpful information can also be found by accessing the following website:

There is a video and a step by step process for filling out the FAFSA paperwork. is also a helpful website for all students and parents of all grade levels.