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College Prep Information

  OFF to College!

The college preparatory curriculum requirements:           4 units of English

                                                                                              3 units of math

                                                                                              3 units of science

                                                                                              3 units of history

                                                                                              2 units of computer science OR 2 units of a foreign language

                                                                                              1 unit of fine art (vocal, art, instrumental, drama, etc.)

                                                                                              1 unit of additional English, math, science, or history

                                                                                              Additional elective units to reach 25 units total

               *Marlow Public School Board Policy requires all students to successfully complete one unit of computer science for graduation.



ACT College Readiness Assessment + Writing (Juniors only)

Science Knowledge Content Assessment (Juniors only)

American History Knowledge Content Assessment (Juniors only)

US Citizenship Test

**All Students will be required to complete an Individualized Career Academic Plan as a graduation requirement by the State of Oklahoma.  Marlow High School utilizes for this requirement.