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You can make a 4-year career of the Drama department here at MHS.  It is for those students who want to help their self-esteem and who are nervous, and is highly recommended to freshmen.  1st semester Drama 1 is dedicated to speaking:   you start with only 30 second speeches and take all semester to work up to a single 5-minute speech.  2nd semester there is puppetry, mime, stage combat, humorous and dramatic acting, and eventually get to perform in children’s theatre. 



If you like competition and full length plays, then you may choose to go on to Advanced Drama, and become part of the Marlow Outlaw Speech Team, also known as MOST.  Drama makes your confidence come alive.



Don’t want to be in the spotlight?  Try backstage work.  Stagecraft is a teacher-approved course open to sophomores-seniors.  If designing, building, and painting scenery appeals to you, so will Stagecraft.  You don’t have to be artist to excel in this class, although you do lots of art projects.  If you want a class where you are up and active practically every day, and if you are not afraid to get your fingers dirty, then Stagecraft will be a great choice.