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Concurrent Enrollment

College and High School Together?*

*Requirements for concurrent enrollment are established by the State Department of Education in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.  The following requirements are for high school seniors 2022-2023 


OU - 24 ACT AND 3.0 GPA or top 50% class rank OR 3.0 GPA and top 30% class rank

OSU - 24 ACT OR 3.0 GPA and top 33% class rank

Regional Universities - 20 ACT OR 3.0 GPA and top 50% class rank

USAO - 24 ACT OR 3.0 GPA and top 25% class rank

Community Colleges - 19 ACT or 3.0 GPA

**After qualifying by the above criteria, students must have a 19 ACT subject area score to enroll in a college course in the corresponding subject area.