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Educational Websites

Between the Lions

For young readers, this site features an "adventure" which includes one story and a dozen related games that target reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  The original games and stories are based on the TV series and all follow the week's theme and curriculum goals.  This site is updated every Monday with a new Web adventure.

Captain Underpants

Warning--this website is silly, but great fun!  Based on the Captain Underpants series by Ron Pilkey.


This site is full of great fun for literary-minded kids.  Play I Spy online or Make Your Own Comic with Captain Underpants.  Don't miss the News Zones, The Baby Sitter's Club, Clifford the Big Red Dog and many other fun options present on this site. 

Randomhouse Kids

Find games, screen savers, and more at this site dedicated to Random House's children's book properties.  Play the Green Eggs & Ham scramble game, join Arthur on the highway, or visit Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House.  Plus link to mini-sites for the Berenstain Bears, Aruhur, Junie B. Jones, Dragon Tales, Star Wars, Sweet Valley, and Thomas & Friends.


Fun games and activities based on the Dr. Seuss books.

Word Central

Not only can you build your vocabulary with a daily visit to this site, but you can also learn about the origins of words and phrases.  Click on the Daily Buzzword to get started.  If you want to make sure you see the Cool Word of the Day, sign up for the free subscription. 

Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Gorillas has grammar games that are fun to play while you learn about grammar.

Game Goo

Game Goo is a research based comprehensive reading intervention program that helps improve reading proficiency, skills and comprehension.  Best of all--it's free!

Spelling City

Developed to teach spelling and vocabulary skills; this website is a subscription service, but has tons of free reading and spelling games available.  When you access the website, click on the "teaching resources" bar at the top of the page.  Click on any of the language arts lessons to reach the reading games. 


Grade level lessons in math, reading, and language arts are available on this website.  There are a lot of fun games that require logic and reasoning.

AR BookFinder

Want to know if that book on your bookshelf at home is an AR book?  Check out this website to find out if it is an AR book.  The book level and a lot of other helpful information are also provided. 


This website for beginning readers is very user friendly.


This is a great website for beginning readers.  Registration is required, but it is free!

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