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Assignment for the week of Monday, May 4th

Give me a suggestion for at least one song that you would like to hear the high school band play at Football games in the future.  If you can find a Marching band arrangement that you like that would be even better!  I need the name of the song and the artist.  Include the name of the arranger if you find a Marching Band arrangement that you like!   


Assignment for the week of Monday, April 27th 

If you could play any other instrument, what would you play and why?


Assignment for the week of Monday, April 20th

Interview a parent or grandparent about their musical backgrounds and interests.

1 What is their favorite song right now and why?

2. What instruments do they play?

3. Who are their favorite artists?

Also, If you have you instrument at home please keep practicing. Make sure that you warm up the same way we do in class. If you are in 6th or 7th grade I would start with number 14 in the book and work your way through the book including lines we did and did not play in class.  If you are in 8th grade or High School it would be a good idea to run through the music you will play next fall and any other material you may have.  Working on new scales and arpeggios will improve your playing alot.  If you need help with something please let me know!


ALL BAND STUDENTS:  Here is your assignment for the week of Monday, April 13th

Assignment for the week of Monday, April 13th

Soundtrack of Your Life:

Create a playlist of songs that describe your personality or important moments in your life.  Choose 3 to 5 songs and give me the name of the artist, title, and a brief explanation of why you chose the songs.


Assignment for the week of Monday, April 6th

Find a video of a performance from a professional musician that plays your instrument.  It can be a solo, ensemble, orchestra, concert band, or jazz band.  Give me as much information about the performance as possible. (The name of the video, name of the piece, name of the performer, and name of the composer).  Write a couple of sentences about why you did or did not like it.

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