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Daily Schedule

1st Period (8:00-8:50) - 8th US History

2nd Period (8:55-9:45) - 8th US History

3rd Period (9:50-10:40) - 8th US History

4th Period (10:45-11:40) - 8th US History

5th Period (11:45-12:30) - 8th US History

LUNCH (12:30-1:00)

6th Period (1:05-1:55) - 8th US History

7th Period (2:00-2:55) - JH Athletics (Spring Baseball)

After School Athletics (3:00-?) – HS Football (Fall)

**Since Coach Brantley does not have a planning period, the best time to call or text is during the lunch period or between 1:55pm and 2:05pm.

Daryn Brantley - 8th US HISTORY Lesson Plans

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