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About Kim Riddle



     Outlaws are the Greatest and Marlow Elementary School is the Best school!!


                 This is my 20th  year teaching and my 12th year at Marlow!   I have been happily married for twenty-two years and we are raising two wonderful daughters.  Helping students succeed is a great way to spend each day. Thank you for entrusting your child in my care.  Together we can make a positive difference!smiley




Weekly Math Goals

3rd Nine Week Goals

Math Goals

Jan. 11th      4 obj. = 12.5%

Jan. 18th      8 obj. = 25%

Jan. 25th     12 obj. = 37.5%

Feb. 1st       16 obj. = 50%

Feb. 8th       20 obj. = 62.5%

Feb. 15th      24 obj. = 75%

Feb. 22nd     28 obj. = 87.5%

March 1st     32 obj. = 100%

March 8th  Last chance to 

take a test for both goals.