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About Valerie Coffman

                      I graduated from Ardmore High School in 1983. I went to East Central University from 1983-1987 and graduated with a B.A. in  Elementary Education and Physical Education. I received  my Masters in Education in 1990. My teaching career started in 1987 with 4th Grade at Barstow, California. I  taught 7th and 8th Grades in 1989 at Pleasant Grove in Shawnee, Kindergarten, 5th, 7th, and Music (1-8) at Paden, Oklahoma. I started teaching Kindergarten at Marlow in 2003 - 2005 and Fourth Grade from 2005 to present. I have taught 25 tears total. (We were blessed for me to stay home with both our boys for several priceless years.) The Fourth Grade is Departmental and I currently teach Language Arts.

 I love my job! 

       I have been married for 37 amazing years to George. We met in college, while George played football and I played tennis. We were both collegiate athletes for four years. George is on his second year of retirement from education. He is working as an Education Consultant for an Architecture Firm. When he’s not working, he will be working on his “To Do List”. spending time supporting the kids and family,then of course,  fishing and golfing. 

       We have been blessed with two wonderful boys and a daughter-in-law, that have brought so much love, fulfillment, and excitement to our lives. Our oldest son is Trey,

(George E. Coffman, III) and he graduated with his Associates Degree, from Carl Albert State College, in May of 2016. He played baseball for two years at CASC. Trey has attended the University of Central Oklahoma for the past two years, where he was on the Fishing Team. He graduated in May 2018 with an Industrial Safety Degree. He enjoys sports, hunting, and fishing. Trey is starting his second year with the Outlaw Faculty teaching Seventh Grade Social Studies, in the Middle School and coaching several sports. On June 16, 2018,Trey married Jayden Newberry.

           Jayden will begin her second year being in the Outlaw Faculty, as the Seventh Grade Language Arts teacher. She is very successful in touching the lives  of the kids she teaches. She is a positive and enthusiastic role model for everyone she encounters. She is also the MMS Cheer Coach! She has been a joyful, bubbly, blessing to our family.  They have a Blood Hound named Copper. Yes, we have a grand-pup! He has been so much fun!

       William is our youngest son and graduated from Marlow in May 2018.  He graduated from Southern Nazarene University, in May 2022, with his Bachelors of Education Degree in History. William finished his first year teaching with Lindsay Public Schools and absolutely loved it. He has now joined the Plainview Public Schools as a middle school computer teacher, Football Coach for Jr High, JV, Varsity Quarterbacks and Cornerbacks, and Head Golf Girls Coach.  He enjoys sports, hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his buddies.

        We have thoroughly  enjoyed watching our sons (and all “our boys” that have grown up in our home) in sports, getting married and many other activities. 

         We have taken our vacations around Major League Baseball Stadiums cities and have visited 10 stadiums in the past years.  (Go Red Sox  and Yankees) After 23 years of having kids in and out of our home, George and I are having to get use to just each other again!  lol  It’s been a change (not keeping a couple of gallons milk, 2-3 packages of Oreo cookies, pizzas, snacks, etc) but we are always up for changes. Of course we do get visitors when they get hungry or just want to talk. ❤️  George, being retired, now have the roles of house and yard chores. (He’s been watching cooking shows too!)

        I still enjoy planting a garden in the spring with tomatoes, peppers, squash, lettuce, and taters. (Mr. Coffman would rather the whole garden be in red taters! lol) I enjoy being outside, gardening, making jelly, pickling, reading, and spending time with our family and friends.We also enjoy watching movies! 

        We are members of the First Baptist Church. 

             I am here to teach, challenge, encourage, and love my students! As a teacher, who is part of an excellent and caring Outlaw Family, we are not only preparing our kids for the next educational level but giving them life skills!  Thanks for your support and trusting us with your kids. heart

Valerie Coffman's Class

Valerie Coffman's Class

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FALL 2021

The 2021-2022 school year is going to be successful.smiley                  Our school them is  Why Not Us?”                                                                                                 John F. Kennedy said, “If not us, WHO? If not now, WHEN?                                                                          We are taking hold of this thought and running with it!                                                                                   I’m praying for your safe, healthy, and love your family!heart

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