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Daily Schedule

 Mrs. Bergner's Daily Schedule

*** Please note this is our daily schedule that we try to stick to, but all is subject to change due to fire drills, library trips, computers going down, football buddies, and extra PE!!!!!****

 8:05-8:45 Morning work on the board.  When finished free choice centers or learning boxes     

8:45-9:00 Welcome to Kindergarten :  flag salutes, vision statement, moment of silence, leader of the day

9:00-9:30 Hegerty, Into Reading

9:30-10:30 ELA Rotations 2 teacher teaching tables, 1 independent table, and 1 study station

10:40-11:10 specials ( PE, Music, Computer)

11:10-11:40 Lunch

11:40-12:00 RECESS

12:00-12:30 rest and story time

12:30-1:00 Math lesson

1:00-2:00  Math rotations (same schedule as ELA)

2:00-2:00  Clean up, snack time, pack folders/backpacks

2:20 -day care picked up

2:35 Car riders

2:45 Bus riders

3:00 Another great day in Kindergarten completed!!!!!!









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