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You will build your own textbook!!

What:  Math Interactive Student Notebook (ISN)

How:  Start with a new composition notebook

When:  over the course of the year

Why:  to make notes easier to understand and to become your own personal “how-to-guide” 

Supplies Available for purchase from me:  1 composition notebook, 1 pair of 8” scissors, 3 glue sticks, 3 highlighters, 5 fine point markers (I have available for $3.50.)  (Notebook only – $0.50)   ***See photo on homepage.

Other Supplies Needed:  1” or greater 3-ring binder (I have recycled ones available.), pencils, pens (for grading), paper


****I do have community boxes of supplies for anyone interested; however, be aware that these supplies may be shared with several other students thoughout the day.



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