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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Cantwell’s Pre-K Schedule


7:55               1st bell rings

8:00-8:15       Attendance, lunch count, get ready for the day

8:15-8:45       Specials (library/P.E.)

8:45-9:00       Morning work

9:00-9:25       Carpet time, letter, numer, shape, read story

9:30-10:20      Free Centers

10:30-11:00    Lunch

11:00-11:30      Recess

11:30-11:45      Restroom/water break

11:45-12:30     Rest time

12:30-12:45     Story time

12:30-12:45     Put up blankets, restroom break

12:45-1:00       Story time

1:00-2:15         Center Rotations(including snack time)

2:15-2:30         Clean up time, get folders & backpacks ready

2:30-2:45         Bus students  & day care students leave

2:45                  All other students leave

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