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Daily Schedule

Pre-K Schedule

7:55             1st bell rings

8:00-8:15      Attendance, lunch count, get ready for our day

8:15-8:45      Specials  (Library or P.E.)

8:45-9:20      Carpet Time! Flag Salutes, Calendar, Letter, Number, Shape & Color of the week , read a story

9:20-10:30     Center Rotations (2-4 rotations)    

10:30-10:45   Bathroom/Water Break- get ready for Lunch & Recess

10:45-11:15   Lunch

11:15-11:45    Recess

11:45-12:00    Restroom/Water Break

12:00-12:45   Rest time

12:45-1:00   Put up Blankets, Restroom/Water Break

1:00-1:15     Seat Work

1:15-2:00      Free Centers

2:00-2:15      Snack

2:15-2:30      Clean Up Time. Get Folders & Backpacks ready to go home

2:30-2:45      Bus Students & Day Care Students at 2:30, all other students at 2:45.  We usually watch something                                 educational during this time

*Doors open at 7:55 A. M. If for any reason you have to leave your child earlier, you will need to make arrangements with another parent or send them to the cafeteria. If your child gets here after 8:00 you will need to check him/her in at the office

* Departure time is promptly 2:45 P.M. Please remember that your child will be picked up on 7th street in the middle lane. We will be lined up waiting for parents at the gate that faces the north. If you are late picking up your child he/she will be waiting in the library.

* Please write your child's name on everything (coat, backpack, etc.) Your child will also need some type of bag/backpack for folders, calendars and notes that will keep you informed of activities. This  is a very active class, so please check your child's folder daily.

*Birthdays at school are welcome, but if you are sending invitations there must be one for every child. Otherwise you will have to mail/deliver them individually.

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