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Football Buddy

Football Buddy 2018!!


Our Football Buddy for this year is Trenton Morgan.  Trenton is a junior at Marlow High School. We will enjoy him coming to visit our class on Fridays before home football games.  We learn how important teamwork is while giving the buddy a chance to learn how important his example is to us. Each week we try to provide our buddy with a goodie bag to show our support. If you would like to send a small snack or drink to help fill his bag, that would be great! He would also appreciate notes of encouragement or pictures  drawn by our students.

Picture of our class with our 2018 Football Buddy.

This is our class the day we met Trenton

This is our class being goofy with Trenton.

This is our class being goofy with Trenton.


Go Outlaws!!