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Heather Holding

8th English Language Arts

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(580) 658-2619

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Educational History:

I am a proud graduate of Marlow High School and Southwestern Oklahoma State University. My professional background is in marketing and business operations. As an educator, I am certified to teach secondary English language arts and marketing. I was nominated Marlow Middle School’s teacher of the year in 2022-23.

Current Position:

I am so excited to be teaching 8th grade English Language Arts! Employing good reading and writing skills will benefit students far beyond their middle school years. During our class time, we focus heavily on grammar, literary devices, and essay composition. In addition to students' independent reading time, we read a famous and well-loved piece of literature: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. 


It is my hope and goal that students gain valuable experience in grammar, reading, and writing that will enable them to be successful in their careers.

Heather Holding

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(580) 658-2619