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 Marlow Elementary

Title One Program


    In 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  Title One of this

act enabled school districts to provide supplementary instruction to qualified students in need of extra help.  This

program continues to serve the educational needs of children today.  Title One is funded by the federal government. 

Practically all districts in Oklahoma have Title One programs.  

     The Marlow Elementary Title One program offers additional help to students  in a setting different to that of a regular

classroom.  The classes are small, allowing for individual attention and instruction.  Specific methods of instruction, use

of technology, and a selection of high-interest, remedial materials are the techniques that are used to meet the needs of

each child.  The Title One teachers work in collaboration with the regular classroom teacher to provide services that are

designed to meet the specific needs of each child served.  Students are selected for service on the basis of test 

scores, teacher referral and other relevant criteria

       Marlow Elementary provides Title One services in the curriculum areas of math and reading.  The program is a

nationally recognized program with Marlow Elementary School having been designated as a “Title One Distinguished

School” by the National Title One Association.