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Beginning of Year Information

                                  REMIND MESSAGES

To receive remind messages text the following message:   @4thMES2023

The phone number should be 81010


Reminders for Parents

All guidelines are subject to change.  Please make sure your contact information stays current with the office so that you can be notified of changes as quickly as possible.


  • 4th Grade Meet the Teacher – Tuesday, Aug 9th  from  6-8 pm 

  • Please hold all supplies until the first day of school

  • $6 cash only for planner--Envelope with name (Send to school Thursday if possible. If not send by Monday.)

  • Water bottle with name--take home to wash daily

  • If you have not filled out forms on the Marlow website please do as soon as possible:

                            Medical____ Home Language_____ Bus (on-line)_____

  • Lunch: We are the last group to eat lunch, so all students will eat in the cafeteria.  Students may be checked out for lunch, but parents will not be allowed to come in and eat with their students.  Our lunch begins at 12:20 p.m.

  • No forgotten items will be allowed to be delivered to students at school.

  • Morning drop off: (not before 7:30) Go to gym or cafeteria.  Students will be allowed in the building at 7:55.

  • Masks are optional but recommended

Parent action steps

  • Every student has a new gmail account that will be the same log in for Google Classroom and Gradebook:  Username - legal first (ex: Password - first initial last name 2020 (ex:  kkizarr2020)

  • If you have never logged in to check your student’s Gradebook, please follow these steps first and then proceed to the steps that follow.

    •  1)  Go to website

    • 2)  Click on Gradebook (top)

    • 3) Scroll down to where it says “Need Help? Forgot Password” and follow the steps to recover your Gradebook password and log in.  The username for Gradebook should be your student’s first initial and last name (ex: kkizarr). Then follow the steps below.

If you have previously logged in to Gradebook, follow these steps.  

    • 1)  Go to website

    • 2)  Click on Gradebook (top)

    • 3)  Log in with new username & password (shown above just substitute student's name)

    • 4)  CLICK SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE (below)

    • 5)  Parent needs to fill out lunch/meal form in Gradebook Student Portal  ASAP!!!

    • 6) It is also a good idea to change your student’s password.  Please write down the new password, help your student memorize it, and send it to your student’s teacher.  We will be using their Google Classroom accounts at school in order to prepare for possible virtual learning.  

Download the apps for Google Meets and Google Classroom. You may also need to download Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.