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Distance Learning Week 4 April 27-May1 1

Week 4 Distance Learning Lesson Plan: April 27th - May 1st


***Please note that even though the assignments are separated on a daily basis, you may do them in any order that you want or even all in one day. 

Grading Policy-

Students will be receiving five or more activities a week for the fifth grade.  Proof of two completed activities is required for a grade of 100 points for the week.  Proof can be sent by picture either by Remind or email and will be due by Friday.  Proof of only one completed activity will equal a 75.  Extra credit will be offered for up to three additional activities for five points each for an additional fifteen points a week.  The highest grade you can receive for each week will be 115 points (five completed activities).

**There are suggestions for what to submit to your teacher for credit following each day’s activity.



          What is a neighborhood? How big is it?  Who is included?  Does it change? What is my role in my neighborhood?  These are some questions we are going to look at this week.  To truly understand your neighborhood you’re going to have to get out and explore it!


Monday, 4/27-

What is a neighborhood?

Using resources like, your family members, your background knowledge from books you have read or movies you have watched and any other resource available:

          (1) Explain what a neighborhood is.

          (2) List the characteristics of a desirable neighborhood. 

       (3) What can you do to help your neighborhood have these characteristics?

**Submit a picture of your writing or type it out in an email to your teacher.



Tuesday, 4/28-

Discover your neighborhood!

First- decide with your family what makes up your neighborhood, maybe start by deciding how many blocks it is.  Take your Mug Shot journal and something to write with and go for a walk around your neighborhood.  Take notes on things you see: houses, trees, street signs, fenced in yards with dogs, anything else that stands out to you. (maybe snap some pictures to help you remember details)

**Submit a picture of you on your walk or of the notes you took


Wednesday, 4/29-

Map it out!

Using your notes from your walk create a map of your neighborhood. Draw the streets that separate the blocks, and fill in the details from the notes you took. Try to include as many details as possible to identify your neighborhood.  Use colored pencils or crayons to add interest to the map.

**Submit a picture of your map.


Thursday, 4/30-

How have neighborhoods changed?

Ask an adult in your house what their neighborhood was like when they were growing up. Did they know their neighbors by name? Did they help each other out? Using your Mug Shot journal compare and contrast how neighborhoods have changed to what you know about your neighborhood now.  Has technology affected our relationships with our neighbors?

**Submit a picture of your compare and contrast paper or type it and send it by email to your teacher.





Friday, 5/1-

Making a difference!

We learned two weeks ago what it means to truly be an Outlaw, this week let’s take that to our neighbors! How can you be helpful in your neighborhood?  From your walk and what you know about your neighbors can you see a need or someone who could use your help? Is there something you could do to make someone smile? Today is the day to reach out to others around you. Think of something you could do for someone else. Maybe you can make a sign wishing someone a good day that you tape to a plastic fork and stick in their yard. You could rake the leaves for an elderly neighbor. Or maybe you could take another walk and using sidewalk chalk (if you have any) you leave encouraging notes at the end of driveways. Get CREATIVE! The purpose is not to get recognized but to make a positive impact on those around you!

**Submit a picture of you doing something nice for someone else. This would be a great one to share on the 5th grade Facebook page as well!

Extra Activities-

1)   Let’s pretend that each household in your neighborhood has 4 people and 2 pets living in it.  If it cost $8.00 per day to feed each person and $2.00 per day to feed each pet how much money would each household spend on groceries in one week’s time?  Use the map you drew to know how many households to calculate.

**Submit a picture of the problem worked out on paper with your answer circled at the bottom.


2)    Choose a neighbor that could use your help in some way. Create a plan of action that describes the need you see and how you would execute your plan.  Is this need a onetime fix or is it something that you could continue to do for this neighbor?

**Submit a picture of your plan of action or type it up in an email to you teacher.


3)   Pull up Google Earth here,-3.25906128,-0.2507081a,22252055.43975402d,35y,0h,0t,0r and search your address. Compare the map you created to the one from Google Earth.  How close were you?

**Submit a picture of your map next to the Google Earth map or your description of the differences you found.