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Class Syllabus

2018 - 2019 School Year


Freshman English

Mrs. Nicole Throckmorton, Aud. Room 2

School Number: (580) 658-1515

Course Description:


This course will introduce students to the basic elements of literary analysis, grammar/punctuation, essay and research paper writing. Literary modes include the short story, the novel, essay, drama, and poetry. Students will be required to interpret and analyze different types of literature throughout the year.  This course, however, does not study each category of literature equally or in the same way. Students will also build vocabulary, learn and apply the building blocks of essay writing, and reflect on a variety of literary genres. This course will also focus on the relationship between developing an appreciation and interest in reading literature, formulating and expressing opinions in literary analysis, and understanding how themes in literature illustrate our past and help direct our future.  We will focus on further developing your ability to formulate opinions more clearly and logically and expressing these thoughts in writing.  You will be challenged to increase your own personal skills.  You will be encouraged to express both verbally and in writing your opinions in an effort to become a more critical reader and sophisticated writer.  You will complete a variety of writing assignments, along with various other projects throughout the year.  These skills will help you do well in all courses, as well as be successful in life. The instructor will exhibit and encourage critical thinking about the texts we cover. This will include the consideration of the worldview presented by each author.

Notebooks: Organization is a very important life skill. Students will be expected to retain all notes, homework, quizzes, tests, and handouts in this binder.  

Required Materials:

  • Class-assigned copy of literature, novel, grammar book, and/or spelling book
  • A writing utensil in the form of a pencil or blue or black ink pen (all hand-written essays MUST be completed with ONLY a blue OR black ink pen – essays written in pencil or any other color ink will not be accepted)
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper               
  • One three-ring-binder with dividers
  • Spiral notebook
  • USB drive (no preference)

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Be prepared.
  3. Be positive.
  4. Be respectful.
  5. Keep the room clean


What I Expect From You At All Times Without Excuse:

  1. Accept and own the fact that you are ultimately in control of one thing in your life: You control what you think. What you think will affect what you believe, how you act, what you feel, and what you do. Ultimately what you think will define who you are. By accepting this power that you have one hundred percent control over what you do and how by acknowledging that you have control over what you think, then can control yourself to meet all of the following expectations at all times without any excuses.
  2. Come to class with a contagious desire to learn —be excited about what is being taught, make personal connections, and apply the content of this class to your own life. Participation is required in this class for it to be of benefit to everyone.
  3.  It is expected that you will respect the opinions and property of each of your classmates.  It is also expected you will bring all materials to class every day.
  4. Be polite to all peers, teachers, substitute teachers, all staff, and visitors. Examples are opening doors, greeting people, listening, not interrupting, saying please and thank you, offering assistance when you see a need and you can meet it, being patient, being respectful in tone, demeanor and words.  Do not leave your seat until the bell rings.
  5. Always behave in this classroom like I am in the classroom. If I step out of the classroom, do not see this as an excuse to act out. 
  6. If you complete your assignments ahead of others, do not disrupt anyone else in class. Continue on and complete additional assignments I have given you. If you are completely caught up, you are expected to use the time to get read your library book or other assignments for this class. If you have completed all assignments, then you are allowed to work on materials for other classes.
  7. Complete all assignments on time to your full potential meeting and/or exceeding all expectations and performance levels of the assignment. Take pride in your work. Do not wait until the last minute to begin working on the assignment. Spend time reviewing the assignments, and ask questions. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please see me after class and if necessary we can meet before or after school.
  8. If you disagree or you are frustrated with a poor or failing grade or for any reason, then please see me after class on what you can do to resolve the issue or improve your quality of work and results. I am here to help you achieve success; however, your results are ultimately your responsibility.
  9. Look into the future—consider how the choices you make in this class will impact your life in the future.

Disciplinary Process: Serious offenses or continuing problems in one or more areas may result in the following disciplinary action(s).

  1. Warnings (verbal)
  2.  Detentions Zero Hour
  3. Referral to Administration


Entering and Exiting Class: You are tardy if you are not in class and in your seat when the tardy bell rings. Immediately begin the bell ringer assignment on the board. I will dismiss you at the end of the class period. NOTE: the bell does NOT dismiss you. When leaving the room, exit in an orderly fashion and make sure any trash is picked up. Do not leave paper under your desk.

  1. Entering the Classroom
  • Go to your seat and put down your book and materials.
  • Take out your materials and make sure that you have something to write with.
  • If needed, sharpen your pencil before the tardy bell rings.
  • Begin the Daily Warm-up.  You will find instructions for the warm-up on the board.
  • When the tardy bell rings, you should be seated, silent, and ready to learn.
  1. Leaving the Classroom Before the End of Class:
  • Bathroom breaks should be taken between classes.  Sometimes emergencies arise, and I will take these into consideration. However, please do not waste precious class time asking for permission to go to the bathroom. 

Late Work: Each student is required to complete his homework assignments on time.  Failure to hand in assignments the day it is due will result in the student receiving a zero for the assignment.

  • Students will have until the end of each 9 weeks to make up any zeros that have been recorded in the gradebook. However, it is the student’s responsibility to get the assignments and turned in to the teacher. Students may find the assignments needed by copying and pasting the link found on my teacher webpage. If students do not have access to the internet they may receive a hard copy of the assignment.

Make-up Work: If a student has an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to get any missing work the day she/he returns to class.

a. The student is allowed one (1) day to make up work from a one day excused absence. If a test has been previously assigned on the day of absence, the student must be prepared to take the test on his/her return to school. Time allowed for make-up work for multiple absences will be determined on the basis of need.

b. Students should go to their teacher and ask for make-up work as soon as they return from an illness.

Academic Integrity

Any student cheating in any form will receive a "0" for the assignment and disciplinary penalty. The second offense of cheating may result in disciplinary action which may include suspension.

Grading Scale:

40% Tests/Major Projects

25% Quizzes/Major Writing Assignments

20% Homework/Pop Reading Checks

15% Participation


**I highly encourage you to keep all of your papers for the entire semester in the event there is ever any question about an assignment, your grade average, or missing papers. **

Parents/Guardians, please feel free to contact me with ANY questions, concerns, comments, or ideas.  Your child’s academic success is very important to me.  I welcome your insight at any time. 





English I

Nicole Throckmorton
Terms of Agreement


This syllabus is a contract between the instructor and the student with a parent/guardian witness. As an instructor of this course, I am committed to abiding by this syllabus. As a student of this course, you also are expected to abide by this syllabus. By signing this Terms of Agreement, you are affirming that you have read and agree to abide by the guidelines, policies and agreements stated in this syllabus.

As a student of this course, I have read and agree to abide by the guidelines, policies and agreements stated in this syllabus.

Student’s Name: ________________________________________________  Class Hour: ________


Student’s Signature: _______________________________________________________________


As the parent/guardian, I have read and agree to support this student in an effort to follow the guidelines, policies and agreements stated in this syllabus.


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