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I am available for extra help during the morning before school at 7:30.  If your student needs help please have them come to my classroom.  I am available for help during lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays also.  If I have cafeteria duty I am not available during lunch for that week.  Students should use this time for extra help, it’s not for them to do their homework they didn’t do.


Getting Paid for an Education: I am continuing to pay students for grades in my classroom this year. I have students ask why they don’t get paid to come to school. So this is why I have come up with this plan to pay them for completed assignments that are 70% or above. This is how it will work: For each set of 5 completed assignments (in a row) that are 70% or above they will earn $20. For every 100% on a test they will earn $25 Students will be required to keep track of their own grades on a log sheet I will give them.  This is a list of rewards they can purchase with their money: Drop a Test $100 (only allowed to purchase 2 all year) Candy bar $80 Drop a homework grade $60 Add 10 Points to homework paper $40 Bathroom pass $30 The student will be given �play� money for their accomplishments but it is their responsibility to keep up with it. I will encourage them to put their name on the money to prevent theft. Thank you, Mrs. Miller

Tammy Miller's Class

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