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Kristi Logue

Pre-K Teacher

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Educational History:

Graduated Bray High School 1979

Graduated Murray State College 1981

Graduated University of Science and Arts

Current Position:

I am so very blessed to have Mrs. Collins to help me in our classroom.  She is a 30 year veteran first grade teacher, who retired and is now helping me. 

Family Information:

Remarried my high school sweetheart, Lynn Logue,  June 7, 2014son,

I have a son, Justin Anderson, and a daughter, Whitney Broussard, who is also an early childhood teacher, and graduated from OSU.  Both of my children went to school at Marlow.

Justin blessed me with my only grandson, Cody, who will graduate from Sulphur High School in May of 2017 and continue his education at OSU.

Whitney blessed me with 2 granddaughters, Charlotte, who will be 4 in February of 2017 and Eliza who will be 2 in December of 2016.  Whitney’s husband served 6 years in the Air Force and is now in Air Force Reserve at Tinker Air Force.  He is persuing his dream of teaching music at UCO in Edmond. 

I have a large family and am so blessed.

I am a member of Glory Bound Church in Marlow.

Kristi Logue

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