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Daryn Brantley

Welcome to Coach Brantley’s MS web page!  In his 8th grade US History course, we will be focusing on the time period of 1760-1865.  We will study the French & Indian War, the social, cultural & political differences between England and the colonies, the push for independence and the Revolutionary War.  We will emphasize the process of building our new nation with the ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Westward expansion, the Industrial Revolution, and major reform movements of the early 1800's will be covered.  The course will consider state's rights, the issue of slavery, the abolition movement and other major conflicts/events leading up to the Civil War.  The new Common Core Curriculum Standards, set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Education, will allow for coverage of the Civil War.  This will give students an in-depth look at this conflict which split families, friends, states and our nation.

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Also, please look at your student’s planner for access to weekly lesson plans.  They are also located on the class page tabs on this site.


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