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Karin Brantley
Brantley, Karin
High School Math / Computer Teacher
James Brown
Brown, James
High School Social Studies Teacher / Coach
Beverly Cramton
Cramton, Beverly
High School English / Yearbook Teacher
Ann Field
Field, Ann
High School English Teacher
Tamra Fikes
Fikes, Tamra
High School Math Teacher
Jeremy Gage
Gage, Jeremy
High School Social Studies Teacher / Coach
Crystal GeorgeGeorge, Crystal
Cathy Hazel
Hazel, Cathy
High School / Middle School Librarian
Rhonda Hennan
Hennan, Rhonda
High School Science Teacher
Julie McCauleyMcCauley, Julie
High School Science Teacher / Coach
Paula McConnell
McConnell, Paula
High School Speech / Drama / Math Teacher
Brenda ParkerParker, Brenda
Director of Curriculum and Student Assessment
Jeff Prater
Prater, Jeff
High School Computer Science Teacher
Nick Scalf
Scalf, Nick
High School Computer Science Teacher / Coach
Nicole Throckmorton
Throckmorton, Nicole
Billy Daniel
Daniel, Billy
Band Director
Mark MeltonMelton, Mark
Computer Technician
Arlyn BrantleyBrantley, Arlyn
Art Teacher
Rob RenshawRenshaw, Rob
World History / Head Football Coach
Randy TalleyTalley, Randy
Directory of Special Education
Gloria ConnerConner, Gloria
HS Spanish teacher
Terri ReimerReimer, Terri
Social Studies Teacher
Keith Kizarr
Kizarr, Keith
Freshman Science
Sherri CurryCurry, Sherri
Physical Science and Chemistry
Michelle DavisDavis, Michelle
Geometry Teacher
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