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                  Geography of the Eastern Hemisphere

Kyle D. Woods     7TH grade 


Lesson Plans for the week of 9/23/2013 to 9/27/2013

DEAR: Monday: Write Lesson #4 " Words from Spanish" 5x each (due

              Tuesday)Lesson #4 worksheets ( due Wednesday)

      Wednesday: Lesson #4 Worksheets due - grade

      Thursday: Lesson #4 Test  


Monday: Planner GPA Go over Chp. #1 Test. Read 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4, 1.5 pages 32-43. Write Key vocabulary definitions plus Stone Henge due Monday 9/30/13.

Tuesday: Lesson 1.1 Earth's Rotation Video, discussion, Earth's Season's decoding puzzle worksheet (Due Wednesday).

Wednesday: Decoding worksheet due - grade. Discussion 1.2, Earth's complex structure. 1.2 Reading & Notetaking & GEO Activity analaze Plate Tectonics. (Due to grade Thursday 9/26/13).

Thursday:   Grade worksheets, Discuss Earth's Landforms, Cause & Effect sheet & GEO Activity Sketch (due Monday)

Friday: No School !

Oklahoma C3 Standards for Social Studies:Standard:S-1-3 S-1-5, S-2-2-B-2, S-2-3-D, S-2-A-D, S-4-1, S-4-2, S-4-5, S-4-7, S-1-A-1,S-1-C-7, S-1-4, S-1-5,S-4-1,S-4-3, S-4-6.


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