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Assignments are copied into planners at the beginning of each week;  I also put a current grade in the students' planners.  I do not accept late work, but I guarantee a 60 on all daily work that is turned in completed and on time.  I hope by doing this, I give every student a chance to succeed in my class.  Book reports and tests do not apply to this guarantee.  Students are responsible for make-up work when they are absent.  Tests that are missed will be made up immediately upon a student's return to school. 


Each nine weeks students are required to read and take an AR test on two books IN OR ABOVE THEIR DESIGNATED READING RANGE.  These tests will count as regular test grades and will not be factored in until the end of the nine weeks when the AR report is run.  If more than two books are read then bonus points will be given accordingly.  There will be designated class time for  reading, but students will still be expected to read on their own. 

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