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Limeades for Learning

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Family & Friends,

The 3rd grade teachers have written a grant at Sonic's Limeades for Learning under Mrs. Thomas' name. Voting is now open!!!


These materials will benefit the ENTIRE 3rd GRADE which is over one hundred students. You can vote once a day per email address! For example, if you have 5 email accounts you can vote 5 times each day! Please ask anyone you know with an email address to vote each day. Please check the drinks that you purchase at SONIC. I was told there are stickers on them with codes and they can count as two votes!!!

I have had some parents ask if they can donate money to our Limeades for Learning Project and the answer is, “YES!” If you would like to donate money for our project there is a DONATE button next to the vote button.

You can click on the following link to go to their website:

Then click on FIND A PROJECT and then click on KEYWORD. Type in the following code: 624845 or type in ERIKA THOMAS this will bring you to our page. The title of our grant is:

"Listen Carefully and Have Fun Learning with Technology!!!"

I completely understand that everyone has busy schedules but this will only take a minute each day. We are competing against other individuals in our county so EVERY VOTE counts EVERYDAY! THANK YOU!



                                               3rd Grade Teachers