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Mrs Harris Character Leadership Skills

Character Leadership Skills


April 6th – 10th- How to write a letter/thank – you note (send through mail IF able or give to a family member with in your home) PK – dictate your letter to a family member of choice and draw a picture that illustrates your letter.


April 13th –April 17th - How to make a phone call (NOT TEXTING, dial the phone number and speak to family members, grandparents, friends) practice conversations, give a thank you, conduct an interview, share your day!!


April 20th – April 23rd –   How to sew on a button (use a shirt, a pair of pants, cup/dish towels)  Sort  your buttons by color, size,  number of holes on the button, count your buttons).  Who will be able to thread a needle? 


April 27th – May 1st -  How to do laundry (sort all your clothing items by colors, measure your detergent/fabric softener, determine the size of your load of clothes (small, medium, large, X Large) or (casuals, whites, bedding, towels, delicates),  dry clothes  AND FOLD/PUT AWAY

***BONUS POINTS- Discover the mystery of the missing sock!!


May 4th – May 7th  - How to fix something instead of replacing it/How to hammer a nail – (patch a bicycle tire/tube, learn how to discover the leak with water, hammer nails into blocks of wood/tree stumps with supervision/guidance, hang a picture on the wall…)


May 11th- May 15th -  How to plan a healthy meal/How to set the table/How to wash dishes ( take turns planning a meal, find a new recipe, measure and cook together, take turns setting the table to eat together, take turns washing and drying the dishes.  Pick a favorite meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner and share any new favorites!!

Love you all,

Mrs. Harris