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Guess What Day It Is?

Here are some fun days you can observe with your family while in quarantine until the last day of school!  Come up with your own activities for the ones you want to celebrate.  You can check out more at if you are interested!


1 – April Fool’s Day/ National Walking Day
2 – National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
3 – National Find A Rainbow Day (Hide some around the house)
4 – National School Librarian Day ( Email Ms Wade at )
5 – National Caramel Day
6 – National Sorry Charlie Day (Use the term “Sorry Charlie” all day when you want to say no)
7  - World Health Day/ National Day of Hope/National No Housework Day
8 – National Zoo Lover’s Day (Check out some zoo websites today )
9 – National Name Yourself Day (Give Yourself a new nickname for the day)
10 – National Sibling Day (Be nice to your brothers/sisters and play a game with them today)
11 – National Pet Day (Spend some time wth your pet today if you have one)
12 – D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) Day/ Grilled Cheese Day/ Easter
13 – National Scrabble Day (Play Scrabble with your parents/ You can make your own if you don’t have one)
14 – National Reach As High As You Can Day/ International Moment of Laughter Day (Entertain your family with jokes today )
15 – Take a Wild Guess Day/ National Griper’s Day
16 – National Wear Your PJs to Work Day/ Trivia Day
17 – Blah Blah Blah Day ( a day to get things done you have been putting off!)
18 – World Amateur Radio Day (Put on a radio show for your family/ interview them/ play some songs for them)
19 – OKC Bombing Remembrance Day/ Bicycle Day 
20 – National Look Alike Day (Dress up like a member in your family all day)
21 – Secretary’s Day/ Kindergarten Day (Contact Mrs Woolwine and/or a kindergarten teacher today)
22 – Earth Day
23 – National Picnic Day
24 – Astronomy Day (Check out )
25 – National Telephone Day (Call two different people today to talk to)
26 – National Kids and Pets Day
27 – Morse Code Day/ National Tell a Story Day
28 – Great Poetry Reading Day
29 – National Dance Day (have a dance off with your family)
30 – Hairstylist Appreciation Day/ National Poem in Your Pocket Day



1 – Law Day/ School Principal Day (Check out these wacky laws at )
2 – Backwards Day/ National Fitness Day
3 – National Two Different Colored Shoes Day
4 – National Star Wars Day (May the “fourth” be with you  haha )
5 – Cinco de Mayo/ Teacher’s Day/ National Cartoonist Day
6 – National Nurses Day/ School Nurse Day
7 – National Day of Prayer
8 – National Provider Day (Be sure to do something special for the ones that provide care for you today!)
9 – National Sleepover Day (Have a slumber party with your famliy in the living room)
10 – National Clean Up Your Room Day/ Mother’s Day