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Quarantine Bored? Try these!!!!

Hey, All!! Sure am missing my kids!!! I thought I'd list a few ideas of things to do over the next couple of weeks while we all stay home. I will be adding to this list over the coming days so please be sure to check back. If you have any ideas for me to add to the list, I would be more than happy to hear about them! Of course, none of these are required or affect your grade in social studies.  They are just some ideas of things to do!! 

  • Check out my YouTube channel.  I have started a "Magic Tricks” file. I would love to have you perform the tricks in class when we come back! Just go to my left sidebar and click on "Educational Websites," click on “My YouTube Channel,” click on “Playlists,” and find the folder that says “Magic Tricks.”   Practice some of these to put on a magic show for your family!


  • I have many activities/games you can play online too. Be sure to explore the different sections on this website and check them out!  
  • Sit down with your family and make a list of activities you would like to do while at home. This can include projects, games, songs, activities, and puzzles.  You can get many ideas off of Pinterest. This will give you a go-to list when you find you need a break or time filler.  Hang it on the fridge for easy access to keep adding more ideas to it. 
  • Sit down and talk with your fifth grader about their future.   What do they want to do when they are older and why? What kind of family do they want  to have?  Where do they want to live and why? What kind of hobbies do they want to have as an adult and why? What can they be doing now to help them become that person? 
  • Cook something together! What kid doesn't like to make a mess in the kitchen? It can be a simple snack or a whole meal! Let them be creative or teach them how to follow a recipe. 
  • Drag out the board games. Have a long running Monopoly marathon or play a quick game of War with the playing cards.  My daughter and I are currently working on a 1,000 piece puzzle that we have put off for years! 
  • Teach your kids one of your favorite songs/games/activities/nursery rhymes from when you were little.  You can find many of these on YouTube if you don't remember the words or details of the game.  
  • Get in the backyard and create an obstacle course.  Have your own Backyard Ninja Wars races.  Have races to the fence and back.  Mix it up too! Maybe run backwards or do the crab walk.  Grab the old mitt and baseball.  Get outside for some fresh air and a change of scenery. Don't just send the kids out; be sure to join them too! 
  • I’ve also put some daily activities on my website for you. Some of these ideas are repeated there and there are some new ones. Be sure to check them out!