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March 30-April 3 Activities

Monday the 30th –  Set up some empty water bottles at the end of the hallway and have a bowling tournament! 

Tuesday the 31st – Start your own comic book.  Come up with a character and draw them.  Create some friends for them and decide what kind of trouble they could get into! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Wednesday the 1st – Go to my YouTube channel and hit “Playlists.”  Find the folder with magic tricks and learn some of these to amaze your family with! I will be happy to let you perform these in class when we get back! 

Thursday the 2nd – Explore through my website and discover all of the activities I have set up for you to do!! 

Friday the 3rd –  Find some good dance songs and have a Dance Off with your family.  Proclaim someone as the Dancing King or Queen!