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A.R. Books!

Accelerated Reading (A.R.)

     Accelerated Reading known as A.R. is a big deal to our school.  A.R. engages students in independent and close reading practices.  The students will complete close reading activities built into nonfiction and fiction books, choose their own books, and take short reading comprehension quizzes.  Students will work towards their personalized reading goals and grow as a reader.  These goals help keep kids motivated and help them strive to do their very best.

     As a reward for meeting their A.R. goal, the students will be able to attend our school wide A.R. party.  In the past, these parties have been an exciting time for kids to hang out at the movies, play at the park, and enjoy a good ol’ snowcone or cotton candy.  The kiddos look forward to the day each nine weeks if they have met the requirements.

     In order for your child to attend the A.R. party, they must meet their personal A.R. goal.  Each student is given their own personal points to have completed by the end of each nine weeks.  To help them accomplish this, we have set aside 30 minutes a day for them to read at school.  This time is not long enough for most students, therefore, we encourage your child to spend time in the evenings to read at least 20 minutes.  They should bring home 2 books each day.  Along with their goal, your child will receive an average grade for reading and testing on at least 3 books a week.  You will receive a report each Monday to let you know how your child did the previous week.  Their scores will be listed for each test that they took and an overall grade will be circled at the bottom of the paper.  

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!