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Homework Policy

     Across the board, the second grade team tries to give the students plenty of time in class to finish their assignments.  Sometimes kids can’t seem to get their work done in a timely fashion.  This could be for various reasons. It could be because they are struggling with the concept, not listening, playing with things in their desk, talking with their neighbor, or decided it was an assignment that didn’t need to be done.  If the assignment does not get finished, the student will be given the oppurtunity to take their work out and finish it during their morning and if needed their afternoon recess.  They will also have “work time” to have an additional time to get their assignment(s) finished.   

     If the child can’t finish their work during the school hours, he or she will have to take their work home and finish it as homework.  This will result with each paper getting a grade of no higher than a 50%.  This hopefully motivates the students in keeping up with their assignments and getting them completed on time.

     If a student is absent, they have one day for each day that they are absent to get their papers turned in.  If you know that your child will be absent or is leaving early for the day, you can let me know or call the school secretary.  They will get the message to me, and I will pull what I can for them so they can complete it while they are gone.  This is always helpful to your child so they don’t feel overwhelmed when they get back.

     If you have any questions concerning our homework policy, please contact me and I will help you anyway I can.