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Robin Lanten

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Welcome to 5th grade MATH!


     In fifth grade we use the Accelerated Math program.  This is not the only material or curriculum we use by any means, but it is the majority of the math practice that we do.  Once I teach the math lesson I can assign the appropriate practice over the topic through AMath and the students are able to work at their pace to be as successful as possible.  They are able to get instant feedback on their work because the program grades it and gives them the next appropriate step in their math progression.  This is an amazing program that has been so successful for us at Marlow.  

     Your student can work on AMath outside of the classroom through the Home Connect website.  This can be done on a computer, tablet, or even a cell phone.  I strongly encourage students to get ahead so that they are ready for each nine weeks goal.

Home Connect website:

I can’t wait to see your student excel this year with the help of AMath!!


Robin Lanten

5th Grade Math

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Robin Lanten

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