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Daily Schedule

8:00-8:40  Lunch Count & Morning Work

        8:10-8:40 Mrs. Mercer takes lab students for enrichment (Monday-Friday)

        8:30-9:00 Mrs. Melton takes students for speech enrichment (Thursday only)

8:40-9:10 Science/Social Studies

        8:40-9:10 Lab students work on Morning Work

9:10 Flag Salute, moment of silence, and take care of morning work

9:15-10:00 Correct morning board sentences and phonics lesson of the week

          9:30-10:00 Library 2x a month

10:00-10:30 Recess

10:30-11:30 Reading Street – Comprehension of stories, Vocabulary words for the week, & Convention Skill for the week

11:30-12:15 Lunch/Recess

12:15-12:35 Unfinished work, Teacher Read Aloud, (A.R. for Math lab students)

12:40-1:10 A.R.

1:10-1:40 – Specials (Computers, Music, or P.E.)

1:40-2:25 – Math.

2:30 – Bus Students dismiss (A.R. for Math lab students)

2:30-2:40 Pack up, study hall, A.R. for Math lab students cont., Tumble book read aloud

2:45 – Car/Town students





Jennifer Lewis

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An easy way to be “in the know”, is to be signed up on my Remind101 texting service.  It is an easy app that allows the teacher to text out information that will be important to you.  This could be as simple as don’t forget tomorrow is the last day to have your child’s permission slip back to school or a major deal, such as, school is closed tomorrow due to snow.  I do not send out reminders before 7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m.  I feel like this is your family time and it shouldn’t be interrupted.  Therefore, you will not get reminders before or after those times.  Also, this app does not give out your cell number at all (not even to me).  If you would like to “be in the know”, please text (754) 600-4989 and type @jlewis.  Your cell phone will immediately give you a message saying you are signed up.

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